Q: What does CATE stand for?
A: Community-Accessible Testing & Education - now providing vaccines, too!

Q: Does every stop provide vaccinations?
A: No, some stops are limited to educational resources only. Please visit CATE’s vaccine schedule for more information:

Q: Is there a cost to be vaccinated?
A: There is no cost to be vaccinated and insurance is not required.

Q: Who administers the vaccines?
A: Current and retired healthcare professionals who are qualified to administer the vaccine.

Q: Is identification required?
A: Yes

Q: What are CATE’s dimensions?
A: 40 feet long. 14 feet tall. 10 feet wide.

Q: Where can I find CATE’s tour schedule?
A: Please visit:

Q: Will new stops be added?
A: CATE will making tour stops across Pennsylvania and into Delaware throughout 2022. More stops may be added throughout the year based upon demand and funding. Visit CATE's tour schedule to see all current stops:

Q: How were stops selected?
A: Demographics and both socio-economic and testing needs were evaluated to determine where to have stops.

Q: What makes CATE unique and how is it the first of its kind?
A: It’s the first mobile unit dedicated exclusively to COVID-19 education and vaccination and is free to all who visit - while supplies last.

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