June 10, 2021

Latino Connection Addresses COVID Vaccination Incident in Mt. Carmel

HARRISBURG - On Wednesday, June 9, during a CATE mobile COVID-19 vaccination event at Mt. Carmel Area School District (600 W. 5th Street, Mt. Carmel), 24 patients received the Pfizer vaccine that exceeded the recommended dosage.

The improper dosage was administered by a volunteer nurse with a volunteer registered and certified nurse and the error was quickly identified. Staff immediately informed the appropriate state agencies and officials of the incident and communicated a correct course of action. At this time the patients are being carefully monitored, have shown no adverse side effects, and are in stable condition.

“Latino Connection views every matter of public health and safety with the utmost importance. I wish to emphasize the attentiveness and prompt actions of the staff that addressed the issue immediately and followed practiced protocols,” says George Fernandez, Founder and CEO of Latino Connection. “Our mission is to put safety first and I am confident we have done that here today.”

Latino Connection remains committed to Pennsylvania’s vaccination efforts. By maintaining strict oversight, Latino Connection stands firmly behind the safety of all vaccination events on the CATE mobile vaccination tour.

Thus far, the CATE mobile vaccination events have safely and correctly administered approximately 6,800 COVID-19 vaccines across Pennsylvania. The incident that took place today represents less than one percent of individuals who have attended a CATE event.

Everyone who wishes to receive a COVID-19 vaccine should feel safe and confident in their decision to attend a vaccination clinic. More information about the COVID-19 vaccine and a listing of upcoming vaccination events can be found here.


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